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Paperback Jacket for The Edge of Hell

Some folks (like me) buy their fiction strictly electronically for their mobile devices, etc. So for those who do, I thought I'd share the paperback jacket design for The Edge of Hell so you can see, in particular, the 11th Michigan's national colors more fully than the front cover alone allows. I had hoped to use the whole flag on the front cover, but the lettering on the flag made it a little too busy behind the book's title. Fortunately my lovely designer, Jennifer Quinlan, was able to incorporate the flag more fully on the back of the paperback.

The flag's image was graciously provided to me by Michigan's Save the Flags project. During the program's formation, I shared research on the 11th's battle flags with the State, and my name thus appears in the credits of one of the exhibit's video presentations at the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan. I was honored to help them in their great endeavor to preserve Michigan's Civil War flags. If you're ever in Lansing, be sure to stop by the Capitol to see the exhibit. Well worth your time!

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