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Reviews - The Fortune

In The Fortune, Susan Keogh again presents us with three dimensional, complex characters and a dramatic story with twists and turns. The hero, Jack Mallory, faces a dilemma more difficult than the possibility of being hanged for piracy: does he commit a heinous act or endanger Helen, his little sister, and Maria, the woman he loves? And what does he do with Ketch, an adversary capable of great tenderness and sacrifice for Helen, but also brutal to his enemies?

As in Ms. Keogh’s other books, the setting in Colonial America comes alive, and readers experience the action with the characters. Here, we see a more mature Jack, taking responsibility for Helen and finally starting to listen to his heart. We also learn more about Ketch and the physical and emotional scars he bears. Each revelation contributes the larger story of the series and a satisfying ending to the novel.

If you like a tale with an atypical setting and atypical characters wrestling with their choices, you will enjoy The Fortune.

Kim Rendfeld

Author of The Cross and the Dragon

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