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Two sworn enemies--Jack Mallory and James Logan--are unexpectedly thrust together in battle against the privateer Feather, which has been dispatched to seek and destroy the pirates and their ships off the Carolina coast.


Jack arrives in the Carolina waters aboard his brig Prodigal, bent on avenging his father's murder and his mother's kidnapping at Logan's hands, which occurred when he was a lad. In what appears to be a final clash at sea between the pair, fate intervenes.


Logan is wed to Jack's mother. Their young daughter is Jack's half-sister. During the skirmish between Prodigal and Medora, Ella, Jack's mother, is mortally wounded and exacts a promise from Jack that he will look after the child. Feather sails into sight as Jack and Logan mourn the woman they both love.


After defeating the privateer, the two rivals are left to sort the complications of their lives, but Jack soon learns that nothing is as it seems. Logan is a respected plantation owner near Charles Town, who secretly preys on merchant vessels carrying trade goods between the colonies and England.


Planters and other business interests are behind the earlier privateer attack, but are initially unaware that Logan is one of the culprits--at least for the time being. Although Feather failed, a second named Alliance remains vigilant in its mission to capture or sink the pirate vessels.


S.K. Keogh spins an engaging story set against Colonial America and the Carolina coastal waters. This is the sequel to The Prodigal, the second title in the Jack Mallory series.

Alaric Bond

Author of the Fighting Sail series


A worthy sequel to The Prodigal although anyone new to the characters and situation should have little difficulty picking up the story. This is good, strong writing with excellent characterisation and a plausible plot. Okay, there is a degree of swashbuckling but, as Pirate Fiction, it owes nothing to a Disney Depp. Highly recommended.

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